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    Post cursor position in text area

    hi can anyone pls help me with this.....
    I ve to get the character tat the mouse points to at the current position in textarea. im running the java code in netbeans.
    The below code does the following
    - using file chooser we select a txt file from the system.
    - the txt file opens in the textarea.
    - the total words in txt file is counted n displayed in a label.
    now i want to get the character at the current mouse cursor position in the txt file tat is displayed on the textarea.

    i ve attached my code....
    but its not working as expected....i m not getting any error..but not able to get the position of the current cursor position.
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    Post your code within tags so that it retains its formatting.

    And are you going to abandon this thread just like you did with the earlier one?


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