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    Default Removing values from an array in a list.

    Hey guys, this is my situation, I have a program that you can input arrays into it. When you input these arrays into a JTextField, it takes the values, puts them in numeric order, and puts in them in a JList.

    I'm not very experienced with swing, is there a way I can make it so that if I right click one of the selections inside the array I can give it an option to delete it from the array?

    I know how to delete things from an array and all that, I'm just curious how to get my mouse involved so that if I right click on a selection it brings up a drop down menu or something, you know like if you randomly click on your screen, but this one gives you an option to "Delete this value"?

    ~ Benny

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    Add a MouseListener (see How to Write a Mouse Listener (The Java™ Tutorials > Creating a GUI With JFC/Swing > Writing Event Listeners)) and display a JPopupMenu that displays actions you wish to take.

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