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    Post Help with a Bank graphic simulation

    Hi everyone. I don't speek too much english, so I hope you understand me. I need help with this program. Basically it shows a bank environment with 3 counters? and a line. The thing is that I have to represent how people in the line go to the counters and after a random time they leave. the line is supposed to be the representation of a queue and each counter will be a thread. these threads are synchronized so only one of them can take one element from the queue (line) at a time. At the start the queue is empty and i have a button that each time i press it an element is pushed into the queue and in that moment if there's a counter available, it takes that element.
    Well my problem is in the representation. I can show the environment of the bank but i dont know how to make people (just circles) to appear and go to their counters respectively and every time i press the button add a person (circle) at the tail of the line.
    So basically, i dont know how to draw a new circle in the jpane at the tail of the line and, when his moment comes, to make it move to a specific location in the jpane (to a counter). Could anyone help me with this.. please, need it with urgency!!!!:D

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