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    Question Need guidance for implementing peculiar design (music editor)

    Dear Java Forums Members,
    I'm trying to build a music notation editor in Java.
    It must render fonts on-screen; it must have two switchable modes: insertion mode, which cycles through and highlights every glyph for change, and normal mode, which adds new glyphs instead; it must allow selection via highlighting of many glyphs together, upon which one can later act through menu commands; up and down arrows must not move the caret on screen, but must instead position the note glyph; some custom geometrical figures must be paintable on the component in addition to the arranged glyphs (some connecting lines mainly).
    All in all it sounds similar to a text editor, but it really is not. I'm very new to Java 2D and Awt/Swing, and, oh woes, low on time.. So I need guidance for this.
    What I'm wondering is whether the usual Swing classes for text allow for what I need with some property tweaking, or if I should write a custom one. In this latter case, would I subclass a text class or something else? And again, for this kind of font manipulation, caret customization, what exactly should I learn of Java 2D, i.e. what packages/classes?
    I thank you in advance for your kind reply.

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    I would use Java 2D, even if you are low on time it might be a good learning experience!

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