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    Default JMenuBar and Popups

    Hi all,

    Hope you can help with this as I'm out of idea's on how to achieve it.

    I have a small app with a JMenuBar, a number of JMenu's which contain a number of JMenuItems, all very straightforward so far.

    The default behaviour of any JMenu is to appear within a popup below the JMenuBar item that has been selected but what I'm trying to do it to change this default functionality.

    I am trying to reposition the JMenu popup to another position on the screen relative to the JMenuBar button selected. For instance I would like to position it 100 pixels lower than it is by default.

    I would prefer however not to do this by simply creating an action listener and reponding to say a mouse event. I have done something similiar for a JCombo box by replacing it's UI delegate and overriding the "createPopup()" method and dynamically repositioning the popup it creates from there. I'm looking for suggestions/examples of something similiar if anyone has any idea.

    Thanks again.

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    Use a MenuListener. The menuSelected(MenuEvent) method is called before the popup is made visible, so you can request the popup's location by calling setMenuLocation(x, y) on the JMenu within said method.

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    Hi aephyr, thanks for your reply.

    Although this is a good option and one I can fall back on, for my purposes I would prefer not to use a listener.

    Does anyone else have any other options?
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