Hello everybody,

I am working on an application which edits trees. It uses awt. I am wondering wether there is a way to mark "modified" frames when users modify a tree.

On Windows, it is a common convention to add a "*" to a document's title bar to mark the document as modified and not yet saved. On the Mac, there are custom window properties to add a standardized title bar mark instead of the "*".

Unfortunately, I found a solution which works only for JFrame on mac os x. Here it is:

JFrame frame = new JFrame( "Modified" );
JRootPane root = frame.getRootPane( );
root.putClientProperty( "Window.documentModified", Boolean.TRUE );

Founded at this location:
Mac Java tip: How to control window decorations | Nadeau Software

They say:
All window decorations can be controlled from Java, either with AWT or Swing methods or through Mac-specific client properties and runtime options. (See Apple's New Control Styles available with J2SE 5.0 on Mac OS X 10.5.)
But I didn't find anything !!

I would like to find a solution for Mac and Microsoft Windows while using awt. Can someone help me please?

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