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    Default setVisible(true) does not work


    I create a JProgressBar object and use setVisible(true) method for this object but it doesn't work. i.e. progress bar is not visible at all.
    Just after this calling {setVisible(true)}, I reterive data from MS-Access database which may take time. That's why it doesn't work.
    What should I do?
    My source is attached here...
    To run this program, you should create a .mdb file with LabUser table that has following structure:
    userid Number
    password Text (15)
    userLevel Text (1) ; 'S'/'A'/'I'
    Fill some data into this table then create a DSN (ODBC Connection) with named "gt" to connect this data and set connection object according to your JDBC knowledge.

    Please tell me why ProgressBar is not work?


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    Default Sorry!

    Actually, I forgot attachment with my thread. Please collect it with this my replied thread...
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