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    Default how to add keyListener event to JTable

    I added a keyListener event to one JTable "table1", and i implemented the method keyReleased. now my requirement is when i edit row data of table1 and when i press enter key, one new row should added to another JTable "table2". i implemented the code as below its working perfectly when i press enter key first time and one row also added to table2 ,but when i press enter key second time, the corresponding function calling two times and two rows are added into table2 .

    i implemented the code as follows

    jTable1.addKeyListener(new java.awt.event.KeyAdapter() {

    public void keyReleased(java.awt.event.KeyEvent ke){

    javax.swing.table.DefaultTableModel d1=(javax.swing.table.DefaultTableModel) tModel();
    d1.addRow(new Object[]{(String)jTable1.getValueAt(jTable1.getRowCount()-1,0)});

    please help me.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Can't know the source of your stated problem without an SSCCE (Short, Self Contained, Compilable and Executable) example, but why on earth are you invoking updateUI() ? Did you even take a look at the documentation for the method?
    Notification from the UIManager that the L&F has changed. Replaces the current UI object with the latest version from the UIManager.

    Another note: Wherever possible, use key bindings, not a KeyListener.

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    I think you have register the key listener 2 times. Add a debug out on the place where you register the listener.
    Volker Berlin

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