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    Exclamation problem !! input on GUI to a file

    Please help me,,, what i want to do is writing on a text area by keyboard,,, and printing everything on a file,, but the problem is that the file is not empty and containing some text,,, so IT JUST DELETES WHATS ON THE FILE , !!

    Java Code:
    submit = new JButton("Submit");
    				submit.addActionListener(new ActionListener(){
    					public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e){
    						PrintWriter pr;
    						string2 = area2.getText(); //copys everything on text area and puts it on string2
    						File file = new File("C://Users//Desktop//aaa.txt");
    						try {
    							pr  = new PrintWriter(file);
    							pr.print(string2); //it prints on file but after deleting my previous text  on file~!!
    						} catch (FileNotFoundException e1) {

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    You might want to use a FileWriter rather than a PrintWriter object. If you check the FileWriter API, you'll see that it has a constructor that takes a String for a file name and a boolean, the latter if true lets you append to a file.

    Again, to get more help and better help, please respond to replies and please read the second link in my signature. I speak from experience as that link has helped me innumerable times.

    Much luck!

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