I have created a small Java Swing application which has a main screen, several tabbed sub-screens, a splash screen and a couple pop-up windows. Everything works fine on my Windows OS and also when running from someone else's Solaris environment. However, creating a new tabbed sub-window from the application in my Solaris(Sparc) environment, there is a long delay (about 1 minute), then the tabbed window appears. This only happens the first time after the application has been started. All other subsequent tabbed windows appears without delay. Moreover when I first log in, my JavaDesktop system takes a couple minutes longer than other users to initialize. It is as if there is a timeout occurring somewhere on a path search. I have checked all my paths (PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH), but can't find an issue.
I have also instrumented the code and find no delays in returning from the Java swing classes/methods, etc. It as if the paint manager takes forever to load something in for the first time.

Any ideas? Any paint manager debugging I can turn on?