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    Default How can I create links with java

    I didnt really want to give too much away about my project, but basically I want to replicate what I did on this site in a java application:

    Bradford City Info/Forum |

    In the middle of the page are a set of football team names with links added to them when you hover the mouse over them.

    I thought about creating a Jtree but I found that too messy so what I would like to do is create a button with the teams name i.e


    That then opens another set of options linked to websites, I was hoping to keep this within the application to save the browser windows opening all the time.

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    This doesn't appear different from the question in your other thread. Rather than fragment discussion, let me close this thread and let's keep to one thread. If you want us to move the other thread to the Swing forum, we can do that.


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