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    Default adding background image to jtabbedpane

    Hey, is it possible to add a background image to a jtabbedpane?

    Ive been looking around and all i can find are examples of setting the color but thats not what im after.

    I thought it would be something similar to the add COLOR background but this gives me a compiling error

    Java Code:
            JTabbedPane tabbedPane = new JTabbedPane();
            ImageIcon icon = createImageIcon("");
            TESTING panel1 = new TESTING();
            tabbedPane.addTab("Fisrt tab", panel1);
    If this cant be done is there a way I can make an ImageIcon a tab itself? or somehow make it to perform like a tab?


    Just thought i might add Im after a rounded corners look to the tabs themselves, with a custom gradient as their background colour, not just the plain default one colour thats there already, if there is a way I can do this without having to make the image with photoshop then add it like ive been doing, please tell me the key words i should be seraching for :)
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    Since a JTabbedPane inherits from JComponent, why not just override its paintComponent method as we do for a JPanel and draw in there. If you do this, then you'll need to make sure that the components added have their opaque properties set to false.

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