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    Default create wizard in java

    hi I want to use wizard dialog but can not be succeeded I want ask if any body knows the followings
    1- what packages would be used ?
    2-from where those could be downloaded ?
    3-How to use those and where to be placed?
    4-and finally a sample program code which could be compiled and be run by me

    please discuss this for me thanks in advacreate wizard in javance

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    Anything else you need?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norm View Post
    Anything else you need?
    I wouldn't mind if you cleaned my windows and washed my car too. But be sure to use only a shammy cloth on the car as I don't want you to give it any scratches.

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    We weren't supposed to rub our cars down a couple of months ago, chamois or not, because of the volcanic ash. It was teeny ickle glass-like crystals that would have made nice scratches on the car if they weren't throughly rinsed off beforehand, and because it was still drifting down on and off it was best just to wait til it was all over.

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