Hi all, I have the following problem with a Swing app I wrote:

  • 1. Sometimes when I start the application, the GUI just freezes.
  • 2. I can manipulate the GUI (I detect the actions), but the GUI is not repainted. The Repaint Manager, however, is called (I intercepted its addDirtyRegion() method)
  • 3. If however I put another app on top of my GUI, when I take it away my GUI is repainted according to the actions I did in 2, but after the GUI stays frozen.
  • 4. If I minimize the app, when I maximize it again everything is now ok (the freeze disappears!)

My app uses Webstart and RMI, and it runs in java 6, update 16 (but the problem already appeared in other update versions).

Do you have any ideia about what could be causing this problem?