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    Question Cast own class to FrameView

    <Dr Nick voice>Hello everybody!</Dr Nick voice>:D

    So, I am using netbeans but I feel this Problem is more specific to Swing/AWT that to the IDE (correct me if wrong).

    I have created a fancy window by clicking all the right buttons without having any idea of the code generated and ended up with:

    Java Code:
    public class MyProgramView extends FrameView { ...
    So that is the class of my main window that opens first.

    In other classes in the same package I often need to reference the instance of MyProgramView because it has tons of methods/variables that matter to the other classes as well.

    Here is what I somehow ended up with:

    Java Code:
    public class PortfoliosTableRenderer extends DefaultTableCellRenderer {
        MyProgramView mainFrame = (MyProgramView) MyProgramApp.getApplication().getMainView();
        Language lang = mainFrame.lang;
    Here comes the thing that drives me crazy:
    Yesterday, it woked fine (the table whose renderer I overrid here was displayed correctly and so on...

    This morning, *poof*, the friday0morning effect stroke:

    Java Code:
    java.lang.ClassCastException: org.jdesktop.application.FrameView cannot be cast to myprogram.MyProgramView
    So, summing up, I have my own class that extends another class but for some reason I cannot *anymore* cast from the latter to the former although the object returned by MyProgramApp.getApplication().getMainView() cannot possibly be anything but a MyProgramView....or can it?

    Thanks a lot for your hopefully very helpful help and hope:)


    Editing: not so sure anymore it worked yesterday...
    Still, why does it not work??
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