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    Default JButton with Icon & text alignment issue


    I have a JButton with a background image & a text of button.
    Now I want a text to be aligned Left & Image should remain at center
    text should be on image.
    For that I have write,

    objButton.setHorizontalAlignment(SwingConstants.EA ST); //for left aligning
    objButton.setHorizontalTextPosition(0); // to place text on the image ---- this is working fine
    but I am not able to align text to left. It is still showing me at center.
    Please help me out....

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    What layout are you using? I think only BoxLayout really takes your alignment specification into consideration.
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    EAST and 0, are not "proper" parameters. Read the API for the list of the proper variables to be used.

    You can't do what you want directly with a JButton since text can only be painted on top of the image in the vertical and horizontal center of the button.

    You can try using the JButton as a Container and add a label to it then you can position the label anywhere you want. For example you might do:

    Java Code:
    JButton button = new JButton( new ImageIcon(...) );
    button.setLayout( new BorderLayout() );
    JLabel label = new JLabel( "text" );
    button.add( label );

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    > I have a JButton with a background image

    if you're talking about a paintComponent image,
    just use drawString with co-ords left of the image
    for your text

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    I never used any layout for JButton, now by giving layout to button its working.
    thanks :)

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