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    Thumbs down Tooltip text showing through panel

    I have three panels on a JLayeredPane.
    'topPanel' is at layer 3, 'middlePanel' is at layer 2, and 'bottomPanel' is at layer 1.
    'topPanel' can be expanded and overlaps the 'middlePanel'.

    My problem is that when I move the mouse around on 'topPanel', the 'tooltip' text on the controls of the 'middlePanel' appear through the 'topPanel' when it is expanded and overlaps the 'middlePanel'.

    'topPanel' and all it's child panels have their opaque value set to 'true', but the tooltip text can still be seen.

    Any ideas would be much appreciated, many thanks,


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    It is all because of your layers' position... tooltip is always located on the Window layer so it is quite natural you can see it through your top panel =)
    you can program not to show it when the top panel is above :)
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    To get better help sooner, post a SSCCE * that clearly demonstrates your problem.
    * SSCCE : Java Glossary

    Use code tags to post codes.


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