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    Default General Logic in Swing

    Hi there,

    i am hard coding a swing gui, Jframe, mainmenu, toolbar, etc...
    my question is whats the logic when navigating through the menus?

    example i call a menu on my mainmenu, how can i change the contents below, im asking for the proper structure and advice on how to do it properly, i might be doing it the wrong way.. Thank you.

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    quite strange question but anyway...

    you should write JMenu (JFrame) and the functional methods separate.

    your menu should just ref for methods it need to activate. It is one way...
    You can also write all things together but it is a porrige way and makes debugging as a real headache =)
    moreover docs gen is better in sep way ;)
    So first plan your structure and then fill it with your code =)
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    Have a Good Java Coding :)

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    Read the API for JMenu and follow the links to the relevant Swing tutorials from there.


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