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    Question Combobox from plain text file (plain text file database)

    Hello all,

    I want to develop a kind of very simple database in java:

    In my mind, in the GUI there is a combobox, 2 textboxes: Name and Value and 2 buttons : Load and Store.

    The idea is that when I press Store, the text from the Name textbox creates a combobox item and at the same time, the name and the value of the combobox goes to a text file. If I press Load, the value which is stored in the textfile is loaded on the textbox.

    The idea is to have a very simple database where I can load and store items. Ideally, when the program is crashed, the values of the combobox should be updated with the contents of the text file.

    I am starting with this and so far I dont know how to start... First problem I have is that I do not know how to update the textbox with the contents from a file. I am not asking for a code (which of course would be appreciated) so far I ask for the steps to get the solution

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    you start with Psudo code and main code and put comments.Wherever if you face problem in working,we will help you out.

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    Have you done basic file I/O without GUI? If so, you're half way to where you want to be.

    I think that to better help you, you're going to need to take a stab at your program, and then when/if you stumble, show us your code and your question.

    Much luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cotarelo View Post
    Ideally, when the program is crashed ...
    Planning for all exigencies, are we?


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