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    Default using awt inside an swt component

    Hello Everyone,

    I am working on eclipse rcp application. I created my own plugins with views. In my plugins code I developed gui using swt where as for my canvas I used awt. I added awt inside my swt app. In one of my plugin canvas I created a quilt in which I divided my quilt into few rows and columns depends on the user selection. I am using rubber banding technique to selct some of my rows and columns. I am going to show you my attachment to get some good idea of what I am talking about. I used some of the mouse events like mouse pressed, mouse dragged and released. I want to capture my block to see if the block is selected or not. I am just thinking I have to have the index of each and every block to see If my block is selected or not. When I am dragging my mouse to select the block it's not selecting the way I want. If anyone has any idea of it, could please direct me to the correct idea or correct direction I really appreciate your help.

    Thank you,
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