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    Default copy defaulttable mode, two different tables , with diff data

    Following code i try to make a copy of the table which is passed into this method
    But copyPrintingModel , is empty at the the end of the loop but the elementcount is same that in
    the table. i.e. the data is added but the copyPrintingModel looses the data.

    I suppose thats because of , copyPrintingModel.addRow -- perhaps stores only the reference and once that
    goes out of scope , the data is lost

    Please give me tips to avoid that i.e. i want the data to be persistant in copyPrintingModel

    private JTable filterParams(JTable forParamFilter) {

    DefaultTableModel forPrintingModel = (DefaultTableModel) forParamFilter.getModel();
    int i = 0;
    JTable copyParamFilter = new JTable();
    DefaultTableModel copyPrintingModel = new DefaultTableModel();

    while(i < noOfRows){
    copyPrintingModel.addRow((Vector) forPrintingModel.getDataVector().elementAt(i));

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    Can you explain more how the data is lost?

    But one thing is for sure. One way to solve this thread is by using a File Handling Technique, wherein the data is either solve in a file, database, etc.
    Every project, package, class, method, variable, syntax, algorithm, etc.
    are registered in my memory bank. Thanks to this thread.

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