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    Default JTextArea problem

    if i want to show a message in the text area ?? how to make it...
    i am in class Inventory , and for example i want to write a message welcome in the text area that id declared in another class ,,

    --------Class Invenrtory ------------
    for example in class Inventory
    Java Code:
    area.setText("Welcome") << cant find area  //?????????
    here the problem with area,, cant be recognized... do i have to make import or something ?? how to make it plz help !!

    ------Class Graphics----------
    because area is declared in another class called Graphics...
    Java Code:
    JTextArea area = new JTextArea();

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    We are discussing your answer in your first thread...
    :rolleyes: ~ Sno ~ :rolleyes:
    '-~ B.S. Computer Science ~-'

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    javanew, please don't multipost the same question in the forum. One post is enough. I'm locking this thread.

    Thank you.

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