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    Default swing application consumes much memory

    My swing application consumes the memory size of 50MB initially but If I open a new window the memory gets raised.
    If I closed that particular window which I have opened, the application doesn't released the memory.

    can you help me with this problem?

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    50mb of memory?
    Wow that's a lot, for my computer spec that is, the largest program i ever use (excluding games that is) only reach 20 or 30
    What kinda application are u working actually?

    Memory release got some problem with garbage collector right?
    I haven't really understand that part, but maybe u should call the garbage collector explicitly instead of waiting for it to move on its initiative maybe?
    From what i read just yesterday, in JavaTips there if im not mistaken, garbage collector sometimes make the application a little slower cause it came at inproper times, maybe u should find some more info bout it
    And check ur default close operation also, just in case u miss some bugs or something, wouln't hurt to double check
    Sorry couldn't help too much :(


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