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    Default Random size of JComponent

    Hi, can anyone please help me?

    I have JFrame with JLable and JPanel named pnlDraw

    pnlDraw serve for adding Canvas.
    Method in the JFrame that adds Canvas:
    Java Code:
    public Component addCanvas(JComponent comp) {
            comp.setBorder(new LineBorder(;
            comp.setBounds(0, 0, pnlDraw.getWidth(), pnlDraw.getHeight());
            return comp;
    Mostly if i anything change, save and run, Canvas is not same size as pnlDraw.
    But in next run is the size usually correct.
    (I said mostly and usually - not allways)
    If Canvas has the wrong size, the size is allways the same, and independend of the pnlDraw's size.
    I probably use default Netbeans group layout. But I tried Null layout too.

    SOLVED: Key to the solution is pack() method after creating, positioning and sizing JFrame. After then i have added Canvas.


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