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    Default Menu Toolbar behavior changed after external jframe is opened.

    I have menu toolbar on the GUI. Some of the menu items bring up external jframe for authentication or search. It changes the behavior of the menu toolbar.
    If prior to opening an external Jframe I move cursor across menus, it automatically closes non-focused menu and opens drop down for the menu in focus.
    After external Jframe open and closed, I am forced to click on the tool bar menu to close the dropdown. Any ideas? Thanks

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    To increase your chances of getting help you should create a SSCCE, that demonstrates the incorrect behaviour.

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    Before anyone can even try to help, make up your mind whether you have a toolbar or a menu. Better still, post a SSCCE* so members here can find out what you've done wrong.
    * SSCCE : Java Glossary


    edit I should have known that I had that page open too long :-\

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