Hi again Guys: i am done with my notepad app: but now i want to extend it:
Given the code:
package za.mhgad.com.test.vehicle;

import java.io.Serializable;

public class Car implements Serializable {

private String weight;
private Integer topSpeed;
private String model;

private class Tyre {
Integer inches;
String make;

i want the "New" option to create a new Car object and allows the user to input values for each variable. "Save" option to serialize the object to fixed folder and Exit to quit the app.

The folder watcher should run concurrently with Swing app i.e contain a thread which polls the fixed folder every 10 seconds...if a new file is detected, it serialized and the contents are output to the console..once the file is output to the console it must be deleted. overload the toString() method to provide human readable data when object is displayed.

Your help will be appreciated guys: i am still new to Java