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    Default Question about loading images in a WebStart application

    I have a Java WebStart application that will load an image when you select an item from a list. There will be hundreds of different items in the list, and therefore hundreds of images. I was wondering if it is better to "Load an ImageIcon from a URL", or "Bundle images in my .jar file using ClassLoader". I found the two aforementioned ways above on the following website: Java: Images - ImageIcon.

    The two things I'm concerned with are:
    1) Load times - Which will load the images faster? Will adding the images to the .jar file make the program take significantly longer when I launch it?
    2) Data transfer - My website has a limited amount of data transfer allowed per month through my internet provider. Does either of these methods have a benefit to reducing data transfer?
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    The smaller the JAR, the faster will the program load. You bundle in the images, will take longer.
    The smaller the JAR, the less data transfer - duh.

    You should probably not transfer all images to the client on start up, since it's doubtful your client will look at every single one of them. If you fetch the images from URL upon request, it will take a bit longer to load that image, but your design is more sound. To improve the user experience a bit you could
    - have a "Loading..." kind of animation show up while you retrieve the image from the URL
    - cash the images on the client, so if the client asks for the same image twice, you don't retrieve it from URL the second time around but rather look in your local cache.

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