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    Unhappy Problem while using the multiple panels in swings

    I am using a JTree, tabbedpane, text area, and Jtable. I am trying to dynamically update the text in text area and even the table in the JTable when ever I am selecting a node. But when I click on a node, every Item in the Window is getting sized to the size of Jtable. :(:confused:.

    So I need help in this regard. I want the table and text area to be updated dynamically without changing the size of other Items.

    Another problem is whenever I am minimizing and restoring the window of swing, The Items in window are getting resized to small ones. :confused:

    Please!!!!!!Please!!!!!!!!!!Some one Help ME...:mad:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darryl.Burke View Post
    Learn to use a layout manager.
    Seconded! !

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    Look at Sun's Java Tutorial, in the Swing section. I use the GridBagLayout. It is complex at first, but it allows complete control over the layout once you get the hang of it. Tip: use JLabel with no text as "fillers" to control sizing.

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