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    Default Displaying a feed forward neural network

    Hey guys. This is mitesh. this is the 1st time i am posting a question on a forum. so pls let me know if anything is unclear.

    I know a little of core java.( swing,exceptions,multithreading but not much beyond that) ...

    I have to display a feedforward network similar to this...

    The internal working is done to some extent... but i need to know what all should i know or refer to in Java to display the figure..

    The lines between each pair of layer have switches attached to them which are stored in an array. if the switch is 1 the line is shown else it should not be present, also the switches keep toggling as per some operations..

    Also if any plugins are available pls let me know..
    pls reply asap this is urgent. i need it in my project.

    am using netbeans ide

    thanks mitesh
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