i have question on how JFrame pass a value of variable to Applet:confused:
There are 2 class : abcApplet.class and abcJFrame.class
In the abcApplet i declare JFframe f= new abcJFrame();
The abcJfFrame is used to open a camera to detect objects.
In the abcJFrame i have 2 variable
public int ax;
public int ay;
Which is used for collecting the position x and y of object.

and now I want to print the ax, ay in the applet .. I tried to use "f." to call the ax,ay in JFrame, but failed.
and also , i construct 2 functions in JFrame which are
public int getAX()
{ return ax;}
public int getAY()
{return ay;}

Then i tried to use "f."which is in applet to call the 2 method in jframe..but still failed..

how can i do then??

Many thanks!