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Thread: Linking Jframes

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    Default Linking Jframes

    i m having a project in java,and performing project in netbeans6.8. My problem is.. i want to connect one jframe to another jframe i.e, If I click [Done] button in first jframe then second jframe opens.
    I did this in jFrame1:

    jFrame2 frm =new jFrame2();

    But its not showing the second form.
    Plz help!
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    You've likely got a bug somewhere in code that you're not showing us, but we've no idea where it is given the info provided. You may want to provide a lot more information. But having said that, I strongly advise you to not use NetBeans drag-and-drop to create Swing code but instead to go through the tutorials and first learn to do it by hand. Else you'll be groping blindly through one problem after another.

    Much luck.
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    Thanks Fubarable for reply. My problem is solved now. before my first form was JPanel Form and second was JFrame Form, I replaced JPanel Form with JFrame Form and the problem was solved. Can you plz tell me that what is wrong with JPanel Frame. Thanks in advance... :-)
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