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    Default may switch in netbeans between view or code of gui

    netbeans use browser to appear html output but, use itself to appear GUIs built with java gui code? so I may switch in netbeans between view or code of gui? these are correct?

    to change screen(frame) in an gui appl in java(with another all differ), what briefly is the trick? may by this change and menues with ALL other content?

    I use CLI & Netbeans covered till now GUI-I (not GUI-II yet) of text "Java HTP7, Deitel"?

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    I'm not really sure what you're asking here, so could you rephrase it? Also, I'm considering moving this thread to the IDE/NetBeans forum as it appears more to be a NetBeans question and not a Swing question (unless you can post rationale for it to stay here).

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    please move you this post to netbean forum here...

    when I have an obj List of other identical objs in a bean, how use it[can use it's data] in jsp or other bean? can you give a url(with an example) or some sample statements in jsp or bean...?

    Please note that to insert bean obj that contains List obj(with data) to session I used:
    Java Code:
     <jsp:useBean id="AddChoosePlant" scope="session" class="beans.OrderTotals" />
    is that correct? If I refer again in a subsequent file, this statement, even from past exist session, is any error?

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