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    Default Re: How i create this Gui program? Or I use what component for this GUI ?

    hello i want to create gui program for my "Language And Machines" lesson : Turing machine project

    Our teacher says that GUI program should have this abilities:
    1-user have a place on Gui that he can Create his standard Turing machine Graphicaly
    2-when he double-click on state(a fill circle that has lable) of machine he can see list that he can select one them
    that then create a ARROW from this stat to another state
    3-place that user inter his string (tape alphabetic of machin) graphicaly 4-click button then machin trace the machin graphicaly

    what component i should use for place that user can with drag and drop
    can create its state , arrow and other shapes?
    what component i should use for state ?
    what component i should use for arrow (my means thai is : -------------> of course it have to be able to be arc-arrow)

    i am good in java but i weak in its Gui

    best regard.

    best regard.
    thanks but my means is other thing . i can create gui but for example for
    fill circle that labled and when click on it you see a list of item and this fill circle can moved and
    animate . what i should use ?
    this this applet i want to create enhanced thing like this but in application and not applet
    thanks all

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    Are you learning about Turing machines or GUIs?
    I ask because the task of building a graphical editor
    is so much harder than exploring Turing machines;
    and not useful for learning about Turing machines.

    If you are doing a graphical editor,
    the first step is to draw some diagrams illustrating
    what the user will see.

    In general, the GUI tool basis for a drawing editor is a JPanel.
    When the user clicks to create a circle, the coordinates
    are added to a list. Then the paintComponent() plots
    circles for all the points in the list.

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    Are you learning about Turing machines or GUIs?
    both them , i should create with GUI for user can to create its standard turing machin
    then he inter data then program graphically trace what act turing machin for this data

    exactly , you think that i have gui that has two part left and right . at left user see
    the shapes that need to create its machin like fill circle for state of machin
    arrows and ...
    then user select shape at left and with drag&dropmove it to right part
    and create it's machine at right part.
    at right part at last this shape should be able to animate
    now i use what ?

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