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    Default how to make graphic 'painted' on a button visible after disabling??

    I want to "paint" a graphic on a button.

    This is how I did it in actionPerformed() :

    The prob is..i hv more thn one button..when the next button is clicked, the graphic on the prev. button is turning black(I earlier set it to blue)..
    how cn I correct this??

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    You may get lucky, and someone may be able to help you, but if not, consider posting more information regarding your problem, because myself, I don't have any idea what is wrong given the information you've provided. Please have a look here for useful tips on how to ask answerable questions: How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

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    Default thanx

    Thanx for the advice...!!!:)
    I shud hv defined my problem more clearly...but doubt hs been solved..

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