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    Default How to repaint.refresh the table (table model) with combo box selection envent


    I am working on one appliation which has one combox with some fields and one table which has one column with same fields. When i select the item from combobox, that item should not be displayed in the table.Which meand the row which has that field should not be dispalyed. In order to implement this i am using repaint.

    My Logic ////

    combobox {"A", "B", "C"}


    1 4 A
    2 5 B
    4 6 C

    when i select the A from combox then output should be

    2 5 B
    4 6 C

    for that when i select A i update the table data by removing the row and by using repaint i draw the table but this does not have any effect on it. May i know where i am wrong?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Without seeing the table code, there is not much to say.
    Possibly the code to remove the row from the table
    is not notifying the listeners.
    This cannot be the problem if the table employs DefaultTableModel.removeRow().

    Perhaps you have some other TableModel?

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