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    Default Help with BorderLayout

    Hello, I am currently working on a student gradeBook program which i am doing in Swing. This was my first approach with swing so I am discovering a lot of new concepts. Anyways, back to my question of help.

    The layout I am using for the Frame is BorderLayout, i have everything nice and organized the way i want it. But one problem, when you run the program its size is (800, 600).

    That size is when everything such as the buttons are in perfect size and shape. but when i maximize the program every thing changes. the buttons become big as hell and etc. What can i do so when the user changes the size of the frame, its components such as the buttons and textfield don't change in size or shape!


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    This is usually almost 100% layout–related. There are often many ways to change things to get what you want. This includes using any (combination) of several layout managers and/or using nested layouts. Post your gui code for more detailed help.

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