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    I have a list box which fires the valueChanged event each time the selected line changes. This has the unwanted side-effect of firing an event for every line traversed if you press and hold-down the up or down arrow key. Is there a way of getting this event fired only once when the highlight comes to rest on a line (i.e. when the user releases the arrow key)? Are they different events I could handle to achieve that?



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    Your application could keep track of the mouse buttons
    and only respond to valueChanged() when all are up.
    This would be done by adding a mouseListener to the JList.
    Override mousePressed to set a flag that a button is down
    and mouseReleased to clear the flag when all buttons are up.

    When I started thinking about this problem,
    I found I had to go further and keep track of which keys were down.
    The code I wrote used a BitSet to keep track of which keys were down.

    It gets worse. On some platforms when a key is held down repeated up/down events are sent.
    The problem is discussed at length on an old post.
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