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    Default NumberFormat which leave fractions as they are

    I need a textfield, ( JFormattedTextField) with number format that follow this rule for fractions:

    your input can be "3.3" or "4.40" and the input will stay that way.
    3.3 will not become 3.30, and 4.40 will not become 4.4
    However -

    in the default of the numberFormatted - the zero after the fraction in "4.40" is removed so I got "4.4"

    if I use the method "f1.setMinimumFractionDigits(2)"
    then 3.3 becomes 3.30

    as there any way the number format will stay as it is ?

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    Display, and handle it, as a String rather than a number?
    This is, of course, presuming the system doesn't modify this value itself.

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    Create a new object for these integer values.
    Internally the object stores the value as a String.
    The constructor or setValue() method would
    parse the value with NumberFormat to check that it is a number.
    The object would have two output methods:
    toNumber() and toString(), returning double and String, respectively.
    The screen display would use toString() while computations use toNumber().

    (Spreadsheets use this sort of object for their cells.)

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