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    Post Last focused component

    If FocusTravelPolicy transfer focus in order jc1,jc2,jc3,jc4,jc5 (These are swing components in a JFrame). My current focus is within jc2 and then I click on jc4 i.e. focus will be transfered to jc4 that can be obtained by
    Java Code:
    and we can get jc3 using
    Java Code:
    Now, I want to get jc2 because we receive focus on jc4 just after jc2.

    My problem is that how to get last focused compoent?
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    Dear All,

    Kindly solve my problem. I am very puzzled about it.
    My Problem is Simple: How to get last focus owner component? e.g. we are at bttnSave (or else) and then click on a text field txtName. I want to get component that was owned focus before getting focus in text field.

    So I hope, now you understand my problem.

    Thanks In Advance
    Gajesh T.

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