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    Cool How can I cast object to Vector?

    I have a Table and ArryList<T>. I want to cast three fields from each elemnt in the ArrayList<T> to Vector, in order to add row to the TableModel..
    what the right way to do it?
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    What have you tried?

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    The short answer is that using a cast will not work.
    The code must actually create a Vector or an array.
    Suppose that an ArrayList named myList has elements of type ListElement
    and the three desired fields are a, b, and c, of types TypeA, TypeB, and TypeC.
    Suppose further that the TableModel is named tm.

    The code called for by your query could be
    Java Code:
    	// add row for field a
    	Vector<TypeA> aVec = new Vector<TypeA>();
    	for (ListElement elt : myList) aVec.add(elt.a);
    	// repeat the above for fields b and c
    Your query is confusing because it is the reverse of the usual case.
    In the usual case, if a table was based on an ArrayList<T>,
    each element of the ArrayList would correspond to one row of the table.
    For this case the code would be simpler with an array:
    Java Code:
    	for (ListElement elt : myList) {
    		tm.addRow(new Object[]{elt.a, elt.b, elt.c});
    Simplest of all would be to create a TableModel subclass
    that fetches data directly from the ArrayList.

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