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    Default The problem with the axis JFreeChart

    Hello everyone..I have a problem with axis in JfreeChart. First axis-it is a PRICE..And second -IT is a time.Then i set in time axis values from 1,2,3...5....50... everything is ok..But then i set in dataset a time value such as 1030000 , 103001,103002....103115.... and so on the chart did not image correct line..You can see those charts using link below and code in them:

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    All one can see from the picture of the chart is that
    some time values have no price values. For instance,
    there appear to be no price values for 103060 ... 103100.
    This could be a data problem or feature.
    Perhaps there were no sales because the shop closes during the night.
    Or there may be some problem with fetching the x value:
    Java Code:
    Object a=jTable1.getModel().getValueAt(i, 3);
    int x = Integer.parseInt(a.toString());
    This code looks a tad suspicious, anyway.
    If the Object fetched from the table is an Integer,
    why not say
    Java Code:
    int x = ((Integer)a).intValue();

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