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    Default How to display all TreePath's in JTree?

    I have JTree. I need to get all TreePath's from this jtree.
    Anybody knows how it can be done?

    Java Code:
    DefaultMutableTreeNode root = new DefaultMutableTreeNode("Root", true);
    DefaultMutableTreeNode child1 = new DefaultMutableTreeNode("Child1");
    DefaultMutableTreeNode child2 = new DefaultMutableTreeNode("Child2");
    JTree jtree = new JTree(root);
    /*Here I need to get all TreePath's from jtree*/

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    I need to get all TreePath's from this jtree.
    The first response has to be, "Why?"
    It will usually be better to traverse the tree as needed
    instead of wasting the space on a list of the TreePaths.

    The second response has to be, "In what order?" There are many possibilities.
    These four combinations of DefaultMutableTreeNode methods can each
    traverse the tree:
    • breadthFirstEnumeration()
    • depthFirstEnumeration()
    • getChildCount()/getChildAt(int index)
    • getFirstChild()/getNextSibling()

    The third response will finally answer the question.
    Suppose you have chosen a breadth-first ordering. Then the code might be

    Java Code:
    [COLOR="DarkGreen"]// declare a Vector to store the result[/COLOR]
    Vector<TreePath> pathList = new Vector<TreePath>();  
    [COLOR="DarkGreen"]// get an enumeration that will visit every tree node
    [/COLOR]Enumeration pathGen = ((DefaultMutableTreeNode)jtree.getModel())
    [COLOR="DarkGreen"]// traverse the tree and add paths to pathList
    [/COLOR]while (pathGen.hasMoreElements()) {       
        // get an array of nodes from root to element
        TreeNode [] nodeArray = (TreeNode[])pathGen.nextElement();
        [COLOR="DarkGreen"]// wrap the array as a TreePath and append to list of paths[/COLOR]
        pathList.add(new TreePath(nodeArray));

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