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    Exclamation code migration problem in distributing system

    plz.. help me out

    I Am a MSC(IT)part2 student i am doing project in distributed system.

    I am try to migrate or transfer my operation or code on another system connected in LAN any performing operation over there with there processor and getting result back

    eg)suppose i am working on one system many operation are running and all memory of the system is consumed processor responding to slow.
    so at that time i just want to migrate my current operation to neighbor computer connected in LAN and performing operation by using migrated processor and getting result back to old system
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    Your post is not making much sense. Please try that again using different words perhaps.

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    It looks like you want to know how to do remote procedure calls (RPC).
    In an RPC environment, an application on one computer "the client"
    calls a method for execution on another computer "the server".
    The developer is responsible for writing the code on both the client and the server.
    The code does "migrate" at execution time,
    it is placed on the server during deployment of the system.

    I Googled "java remote procedure call" and found
    Getting Started with JAX-RPC
    There are also Wikipedia articles.

    Coding a client-server environment is a challenge. Before beginning,
    think hard about whether you need this approach to your problem.

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