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    Question Maintaining logs of a chat session

    Hi All!

    I have a chat application to simply send the instant messages, which is working fine. And now i want to maintain a log using this apps.
    this apps is developed in java swing.
    I am unable to append the chat messages to a logger class in order to maintain the log tht should be in XML format.

    Plsss suggest to proceed..

    Thanks in Advance!

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    I've written a logger in my application. Perhaps its code can help.
    Messages are sent to the log with calls like
    Util.log.severe("A terrible thing has happened");
    Variable log and class TagLogger are declared in
    The default logger simply writes the log message to the console.
    Java Code:
    	static public class TagLogger extends Logger {
    		public TagLogger () {
    			super("com.physpics", null);
    		// interim logger until frame is created
    		public void log(Level level, String msg)
    			{ writeMesssageToConsole(level, msg); }
    Also in is static code to create an instance of TagLogger
    and assign it to a global variable.
    Java Code:
    	static public TagLogger log;
    	public static void setLog(TagLogger newLog) {
    		log = newLog; 
    	static {   // establish an initial TagLogger; it writes to the console
    		setLog(new TagLogger());
    The main class of the application creates and installs a new TagLogger.
    It writes the message to both the console and a message area in the application:
    Java Code:
    		// create a logger that also sends the message to the messages panel
    		Util.setLog(new Util.TagLogger() {
    			public void log(Level level, String msg) {
    				// show message in application message area
    				frame.exposeError(msg, level);
    				// show message on console
    				Util.writeMesssageToConsole(level, msg, Tagger.this);
    The writeMessageToConsole method is declared in thus:
    Java Code:
    	 * Extracts the last element of a fully dotted class name.
    	 * @param dotted A dotted class name.
    	 * @return the last segment of the name
    	static String classSimpleName(String dotted) {
    		int dotx = dotted.lastIndexOf('.');
    		if (dotx < 0) return dotted;
    		return dotted.substring(dotx+1);
    	public static void writeMesssageToConsole(Level level, String msg) {
    		String msgInfo = "";
    		StackTraceElement[] elements = new Exception().getStackTrace();
    		msgInfo = elements[2].getMethodName();
    		msgInfo += " from "
    				+ classSimpleName(elements[3].getClassName())
    				+ "." + elements[3].getMethodName() + "()";
    		if (level.intValue() >= Level.WARNING.intValue())
    			System.err.println("*** " + msgInfo + "\n" + "      " + msg);
    			System.out.println(msgInfo + "\n" + "      " + msg);
    Creating XML is a bit of an additional challenge. One tutorial is at:
    Chapter*3.*Writing XML with Java

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