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Thread: JList Sorting

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    Question JList Sorting

    Hello All,

    Can you please guide me how can I sort the contents of a JList? I am using the DefaultListModel. Items will be added to the JList dynamically like this :

    Class c1= new Class (parameter1,parameter2, parameter3);

    Now I would like to sort it like (parameter2,parameter1,parameter3)

    Can you please guide me?

    Thanks all in advance.

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    If you are adding an Object with 3 values to the list, then you should be using a JTable, not a JList. A JTable is designed to display multiple columns. A JList is designed to display only a single column. JTable provides built in support for sorting.

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    Default How to sort a DefaultListModel

    In this reply I assume that "sort it like (parameter2,parameter1,parameter3)"
    means to reorder the elements of the model in some way.
    No matter how you want to define the ordering, you only need to write a method
    to compare two elements and decide which should come before the other.

    First you make the Class have the Comparable interface
    and define the comparison method:
    Java Code:
    class Class implements Comparable<Class> {
        // the compareTo method is defined by the Comparable interface
        int compareTo(Class o) {
            if (  [I][COLOR="DarkOrchid"]this comes before o[/COLOR][/I]  ) return -1;
            else if (   [COLOR="DarkOrchid"]this comes after o[/COLOR]    ) return +1;
            return 0;  // it is best if this case only happens when this == o
    }  // end class Class

    Then actual sorting can be done with a method like this
    Java Code:
    static void sort(DefaultListModel dlm) { 
        Class [] dlma = dlm.toArray();    // make an array of the elements in the model
        Arrays.sort(dlma);   // sort the array (this step uses the compareTo method)
        dlm.clear();     // empty the model
        for (Class x : dlma)
            dlm.add(x);       // insert all the elements into the model in sorted order

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