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    Default How to continuously plot GPS data (Lat/Long) ?


    I want to feed the UI with Lat/Long data (from GPS device or file) and plot a line/track ( with a arrow symbol at the end). It should look something like the attached pic (a stripped GPS navigator)

    Also I would like to have the possibilities to let user point to the 'track' a select a GPS position

    Please advice me how solve this
    - Should I plot a x/y graph using the Lat/long as is ( Lat/Long as x/y ) ?
    - Is there some ready java package/API that I can use ?

    Later I would also move this solution to embedded Java device ( J2ME)

    Thanks any input :)
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    Attached are the sources for two classes I've built for dealing with lat/long values.

    A LatLong object itself merely holds a lat/long value and has methods to convert it to various forms.

    The PixGrid object is more interesting;
    it maps between lat/long space and a pixel grid suitable for display.
    Especially interesting is PixGrid's tool to map lat/longs to pixels.
    To use this tool, I capture an image from GoogleEarth
    and note down the lat/long values for points on the image.
    Then I make a table listing for each point its lat/long value
    and its x,y position in the image. From this table,
    the tool builds a mapping between pixel space and lat/long space.

    The least-squares routines I used are from Repository - [virtualrisk] Index of /util/lma

    Hope this helps,
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