Setup: Vista x64 with multiple (4) monitors attached. Only two of these will be active at any given point (so, two different dual-monitor configurations).

I am aware that this can be defined via "Display Settings" in Vista, but it is a pain in the ass because every time you redefine which monitor is the main and which monitors are being extended to, Vista reshuffles everything around. So I'm trying to write a simple Java app that will basically let me define some Presets so that I can automatically toggle with a single mouse click between alternate display configurations. The problem I'm having is that the functions available through java.awt.* only seem to be aware of those monitors that are currently being extended to, and I can't find any way of detecting/enabling a monitor that currently may not be activated.

So the question is: Does anyone know if there is some Java API/library that gives you access to this information and the ability to redefine the display configuration for multi-monitor setups? Thanks in advance.