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    Unhappy AWT Focus Problem using idk 1.6.0


    I m working on a system which GUI is Swing based previously on JDK 1.4.2, recently we are upgrading our environment and moving on JDK 1.6.0.

    We are facing a component focus ordering issue on screens having BoxLayout. In previous jdk 1.4.2, the focus order was same like order of adding textboxes or other components on the panel but now on jdk 1.6.0 focus ordering is disturbed and not working like same as previous (on jdk 1.4.2).

    Is that issue is related to AWT Focus SubSystem changes ?... Any buddy can tell me the solution... :confused:

    Sorry folks due to some security issues of company i am unable to post the problem code here.....:(

    thanks in advance!!!

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    There being no code to look at, I can only point to the Focus tutorial.

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    I suggest extending FocusTraversalPolicy. It's not as hard as it looks, and it gives you complete control over where focus starts and where it goes from component to component.

    Essentially, you simply create a list of components in the order you want them to receive the focus. From a given component, move forward or backward through the list. You can even force the focus to loop within your list by moving from the end of the list back to the top.

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