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    Default How can I add popUp menu on a tab of a tabbedPane?

    I want to add a popUp menu on a tab of a TabbedPane when I click on the tab.That is,suppose,there are two tabs A and B.When I clicked on A,there will appear a popup menu on A and when I clicked on B there will be another popUp menu on B.How can I do this?plz give me suggestions.The popUp menus will appear only on respected tabs.
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    JTabbedPane has a method for this: setTabComponentAt().
    Call this method to set the contents of the tab itself to a Component.
    That component can have a popup menu.

    To handle mouse clicks on the tab, in my program I override fireStateChanged in the JTabbedPane:
    Java Code:
        protected void fireStateChanged() {
            int newState = getSelectedIndex();
            boolean noswitch = true;
            if (newState == backButInx)
                { use tab as a button: perform an action }
            else if (newState == rotButInx)
                { use tab as a button: perform an action }
            else noswitch = false;
            if (noswitch)
                setSelectedIndex(diagramPanelState);  // back to previous state
            else {
                diagramPanelState = getSelectedIndex();
    In your case you would replace "use tab as a button: perform an action" with popping up the popup menu.

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