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    Default JFrame and JPanel -Error

    I have Array of JFrame and I have Jpanel
    i am using netbeans IDE to work.

    my code is

    Java Code:
    JFrame frame[]=new JFrame[10];
     Jpanel panel;
      for(int i=0;i<10;i++)
             panel==new JPanel();
    i get the Error i run in the Debug mode.
    i found the errror int this line

    was there any thing wrong in my code

    need immediately.
    :) javadeveloper

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    What are you trying to achieve with that code?
    Open the API specs for the setContentpane and see what it does.

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    i get the Error i run in the Debug mode.
    What error message?

    I see many typos and basic mistakes in your code. For instance:
    Java Code:
        Jpanel panel;  // it's JPanel not Jpanel
         for(int i=0;i<10;i++)
                panel==new JPanel(); // use one = here to assign, not two ==
                panel.setvisible(true);  // it's setVisible not setvisible
               frame[i].setContentpane().add(panel); // you either add to the content pane or set a content pane you don't do both
    Please post a small bit of compilable code that demonstrates the error and please describe in greater detail just what the error is.

    From the code posted I'd suggest that you go through the Sun Swing tutorial before trying to go further with Swing.

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